Hail! Oh Sword of Love


YOU’VE MET folks, and will still welcome the mankind,
Then, now, forthcoming;

You’ve been stabbing them, neither getting exhausted of it,
Over, over, and over again.

You’ll leave them bleeding with love,
Bruised with ache,
Vested with solitude;

Frozen grief on their faces,
Remorse within their vacuous eyes;
And death within their soul.


You’ve met folks incapable of defending their so-called self,
Competent of wasting their so-called life;

You’ll be stabbing them with your sin-sharpened sword,
Heart pierced with vagueness.

You’ll abandon them like a butt of cigarette smoked by several lips,
A butt of cigarette being engulfed by the vanishing fire,
A but of cigarette stomped by hundreds of shoes;
And they’ll die a little death.


Sword of Love what a sovereignty in your possession’s,
Don’t you ever get dull?

Sword of Love all of us will encounter your cold-blooded steel;
And when we do,
Bury us!

Sword of Love you’ll have more than a lifetime,
To witness all the aftermath;
Entirely all! Everything!

Sword of Love stab me once, by your weapon,
With all your force,
With all that’s left;
And never retreat –ever.

Oh Sword of Love —



Balikan natin ang gabi.
Ang gabi ng iyong pagpili,
Ang pagpili sa paglimot,
Sa paglimot sa’ting mga sandali.

Balikan natin ang pagtalikod.
Sa iyong pag iwas sa bawat lingon.

Balikan natin ang pagpumiglas,
Sa iyong pagkalas,
Ikaw, ako.. Yung tayo’y nagwakas,
Yung akala ko’y walang wagas.

Balikan natin ang gabi,
Babalikan ko ang gabi,
Babalikan ko ang gabi,
Nang wala ka saking tabi.