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You and August

You and August

THIRTY ONE days all it had.
Yours might be thirty two,
Or should we keep counting.

Thirty days all I did,
Was to put it all into art,
Sending myself elsewhere.

Thirty one days all that I am,
Just another messed up being,
Trying so hard to make a move forward.

All August got was thirty one days.
But you’ve got,
As many as you wanted.

Things said


U wish ur life away
And later regret
The things u say
Words said in haste
Always leave the
Most bitter taste
And realise the
Things thats gone
To waste
Life moving so
Fast and going
Past before u
Know that day
Becomes ur last
Maybe not in
Your life
But the last
In a situation
A creation
Time with a friend
Burning bridges
That never mend
Regrets of a text
U chose to send
In a mood
Not realise the
Good to ruin
And explanations
Are never enough
To mend the damage
U alone have cause
And all because
U didn’t stop
Look with both eyes
And realise
The mistakes
And stop put
On the brakes
Take clear thought
And see what
It takes
To do the right
Not in the red
Mist sight…..

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