Hail! Oh Sword of Love


YOU’VE MET folks, and will still welcome the mankind,
Then, now, forthcoming;

You’ve been stabbing them, neither getting exhausted of it,
Over, over, and over again.

You’ll leave them bleeding with love,
Bruised with ache,
Vested with solitude;

Frozen grief on their faces,
Remorse within their vacuous eyes;
And death within their soul.


You’ve met folks incapable of defending their so-called self,
Competent of wasting their so-called life;

You’ll be stabbing them with your sin-sharpened sword,
Heart pierced with vagueness.

You’ll abandon them like a butt of cigarette smoked by several lips,
A butt of cigarette being engulfed by the vanishing fire,
A but of cigarette stomped by hundreds of shoes;
And they’ll die a little death.


Sword of Love what a sovereignty in your possession’s,
Don’t you ever get dull?

Sword of Love all of us will encounter your cold-blooded steel;
And when we do,
Bury us!

Sword of Love you’ll have more than a lifetime,
To witness all the aftermath;
Entirely all! Everything!

Sword of Love stab me once, by your weapon,
With all your force,
With all that’s left;
And never retreat –ever.

Oh Sword of Love —


Damnatio Memoriae

Time and efforts invested,
And memories venerated.

A gambled trust’s a losing game,
Comes with a fathomless pain.

Damnation memoriae,
You deserve it this way.

Today, The Sweetest Line

TODAY I WILL write the sweetest line; I miss you so much that I hug the pillow hoping it was you.

Today I will write the sweetest line; I will do anything just to be there beside you.

Today I will write the sweetest lines; I love you, always –be it hurting. I have loved you yesterday and I do love you today. I will still love you tomorrow.

Today I will write the sweetest line; I love you more than I have loved you.

But today, you wrote the most hurtful line; I love.. someone else


[Inspired by, Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Line by Pablo Neruda]

Why Didn’t I

I WAS always there for you
when no one else was around

I was always ready to listen
when you can’t rant in front of them

I didn’t see it coming

I believed we had it
that night we told each other not to be afraid
of what’s about to come

I listened to your actions
those good mornings and goodnights
I was eager to read everyday

I didn’t see it coming

I trusted you and felt safety
our tangled hands
arms wrapped around each other

I loved you without certainty
regardless of what they told
and what you didn’t say

I didn’t see it coming

I was an option
I was there because I chose to be there
You let me be there because she can’t

I didn’t see it coming

I wasn’t for you
You didn’t let me be there
because finally, she can

I didn’t see it coming

That you would walk away in my life
The moment she walks back into yours
And you, of all people, left

I thought we were just waiting for the right time
That I was just waiting for you to say the words
But you were just waiting for her all along

Why didn’t I see it coming?