Every Single Day


I bid darkness with tears
Welcomed the night with fear

I lay unwillingly with silence
Pillowed the pain with confidence

I said goodnight to the moon
Having the same feedback as usual

I close my eyes and suddenly
every sharp objects attackĀ me

I opened my eyes to see
not even a single one hit me

But I felt it..

Stabbing me
again and again and again
again and again

I screamed stop
I shouted it hurts
I cursed and cursed
but nothing happened

It just keeps on hurting
so I cried
and cried
and cried

and waited for it to stop
and waited
and waited
and wai




So desperate
for someone to talk to
to pour these feelings
to pour all these heartaches

So desperate
for someone to listen
to pour my cries

So desprerate..
ending up
with no one

So desperate..
I am alone

No shoulders to lean on
No hand to hold
No arms which would give me strength
No whisper which would tell me it’s alright
No someone who would catch my tears

No one..
but this paper



How dare you ask me
if I care about what you feel

How dare you ask me
such thing

When it was always the first thing I think about
your feelings, others’ feelings

I’m her sponge
I’m your sponge

Don’t you get it
Don’t you know how heavy it is

How dare you

If I might ask
Do yo
ever think
of my feelings?

Just to tell you…

I’m also a sponge of my own
and mine is heavy enough



Do I deserve to be in this kind of situation
Do I deserve to be a piece in your game
Do I deserve you

Do I deserve the pain you’re giving me
Do I deserve the hurt you’re causing me
Do I deserve your heart

Do I deserve any of this

The answer is may be yes
Yes. I deserved all of this
Simply because
My love is better than these things

I love you
I just do
And I bravely know
That I deserved all of these



People are all the same

They’re going to care
They’re going to love you
They’re going to let you believe they do

They’re going to be there
They’re going to give you hope
They’re going to give you false hope

They’re going to understand you
They’re going to listen to you
They’re going to pretend they do

They’re going to fix you
They’re going to break you
They’re going to be the reason you fall apart again

They’re going to leave you
They’re going to hurt you

People… they are all just the same
Each and every one