The Game Master

It was a game.

It was a game you’ve been playing. A game where you’ve chosen the oblivious players.

It was a game.. The fake acts you feed them, the lies your players hold onto.

It was a game where you took pleasure in choosing who will win or lose.

It was a game. Being the game master on your own where you led the players into trusting their life with yours. Letting them believe in destiny and coincidences.

You think it was a game, turning your lovers into players. Their emotions into your satisfaction.

You think it was all a game. Their drinking of all your sweet lies. Their thinking of living the meaning of love.

No, it isn’t.

How dare you starting all of this. Screw you for hurting people who least deserve it.


A Mile Difference

and help me see
to see the real you

I wouldn’t believe it
I couldn’t since I was blinded
blinded by my pride

I’ve been trying to forget
but I was always betrayed
betrayed by my feelings

They will talk about nasty things
Even mean ones

They will laugh about their mistakes
Even my mistakes

You? Neither.
But atleast they are true
To what they feel
What they wanna do

Atleast they are true
And that’s their difference with you

And they?
They are my friends.
My friends who have chosen
to hurt me with the truth

But you?
You were the one who have chosen
to hurt me with the lies
to hurt me with your game