The Infamous Apple

You were born a sinnerman,
God’s gonna cut you down.

Divisionary of faith,
Life’s a quaint bait.


The Game Master

It was a game.

It was a game you’ve been playing. A game where you’ve chosen the oblivious players.

It was a game.. The fake acts you feed them, the lies your players hold onto.

It was a game where you took pleasure in choosing who will win or lose.

It was a game. Being the game master on your own where you led the players into trusting their life with yours. Letting them believe in destiny and coincidences.

You think it was a game, turning your lovers into players. Their emotions into your satisfaction.

You think it was all a game. Their drinking of all your sweet lies. Their thinking of living the meaning of love.

No, it isn’t.

How dare you starting all of this. Screw you for hurting people who least deserve it.

Today, The Sweetest Line

TODAY I WILL write the sweetest line; I miss you so much that I hug the pillow hoping it was you.

Today I will write the sweetest line; I will do anything just to be there beside you.

Today I will write the sweetest lines; I love you, always –be it hurting. I have loved you yesterday and I do love you today. I will still love you tomorrow.

Today I will write the sweetest line; I love you more than I have loved you.

But today, you wrote the most hurtful line; I love.. someone else


[Inspired by, Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Line by Pablo Neruda]

Why Didn’t I

I WAS always there for you
when no one else was around

I was always ready to listen
when you can’t rant in front of them

I didn’t see it coming

I believed we had it
that night we told each other not to be afraid
of what’s about to come

I listened to your actions
those good mornings and goodnights
I was eager to read everyday

I didn’t see it coming

I trusted you and felt safety
our tangled hands
arms wrapped around each other

I loved you without certainty
regardless of what they told
and what you didn’t say

I didn’t see it coming

I was an option
I was there because I chose to be there
You let me be there because she can’t

I didn’t see it coming

I wasn’t for you
You didn’t let me be there
because finally, she can

I didn’t see it coming

That you would walk away in my life
The moment she walks back into yours
And you, of all people, left

I thought we were just waiting for the right time
That I was just waiting for you to say the words
But you were just waiting for her all along

Why didn’t I see it coming?