Counted Days

A DAY passed by
Leveled up pride

Couple of days
Dried up tears

Three, four, five days
Weighed pain

Lost count.. days? weeks?
But.. still trying

Still waiting




Atmosphere talked it isn’t home, atleast not anymore.

I tried to search for her knowing she’s not coming back.

Her little cries, making sound. Her barks, I wouldn’t hear anymore.

Her little body, finding herself to bed. Her warmth, I wouldn’t feel anymore.

Her licks, her kisses wetting our faces, I wouldn’t get any anymore.

Her claws, making scars I wouldn’t be wounded anymore.

Her eyes, her eyes.. I will always remember.

Her eyes I couldn’t stare anymore. Her eyes I couldn’t talk to anymore.

In your presence.. we found friendship inspite of not tapping our shoulders. We found love inspite of not saying anything. We found family inspite of the difference.

Our little mini pinscher wherever you may be, you’ve been a part of our life and always will be.

Wherevee you may be, we know you loved us. We know you protected us.

You are loved Didie, Our little Deirdre.



Every Single Day


I bid darkness with tears
Welcomed the night with fear

I lay unwillingly with silence
Pillowed the pain with confidence

I said goodnight to the moon
Having the same feedback as usual

I close my eyes and suddenly
every sharp objects attackĀ me

I opened my eyes to see
not even a single one hit me

But I felt it..

Stabbing me
again and again and again
again and again

I screamed stop
I shouted it hurts
I cursed and cursed
but nothing happened

It just keeps on hurting
so I cried
and cried
and cried

and waited for it to stop
and waited
and waited
and wai