The Man in Red

The Man in Red

A thousands in that crowd, movements everywhere. With the speed of the train, faces would be unrecognizable

But through the ruck, with such speed of the train, my eyes darted on the man in red.

It was you.

Have I veered my head on the other side, have I blinked my eyes on a split second, it wouldn’t happen at all.

But it did. In that littlest bit of moment, it did.

That “one in a million possibility
and “strange things happen” moments really do exist.

It was so perfectly timed. You, being there at that certain moment
and my head veering at that certain moment.

It was so perfectly woven. You, standing right at that very spot and me, sitting at my very spot.

It was so perfectly put together. Who knew, it would be so perfect that I was led to believe in destiny and coincidences.

And right then, I uttered your name with a smile full of amazement for the perfection of it all. That littlest bit of that certain moment..

But perfection…
It doesn’t exist.